AmeriVap Blitzer Combi

| June 29, 2015

amerivapIntroducing the AmeriVap Blitzer Combi: A Powerful Dual-Fill Dry Steam Vapor Cleaner with Wet/Dry vacuum.

Robustly powered by 220v, the Blitzer Combi reaches a boiler temperature of 330°F and a steam pressure of 120 psi in just seven minutes. The dual fill tanks provide continuous cleaning flexibility, as well as an optional sanitizer injection. The Blitzer Combi’s ergonomic design includes attachment storage as well as highly maneuverable cart to boost productivity.

212° has been called “The Magic Degree” where water transforms into steam with the power to run a locomotive. What can saturated dry steam for for you?

  • Deep Clean and Sanitize Packaging Equipment
  • Degrease Machinery
  • Decontaminate Surfaces
  • Clean and Sanitize Rolling Stock
  • Clean Delicate Electrical Equipment

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