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| August 24, 2015

elwayincWe stock multiple Bulk Bag Configurations, with different Bulk Bag Tops and Bottoms, Strap Variations and Feature and Dimensions.

When transporting bulk bags filled with a product, they are easily removed from a truck or trailer, fork lifted or conveyed exactly where they are needed, and then quickly emptied when and where desired. In some applications they are emptied directly into the processing equipment. Customers use the FIBC’s for shipping, storing and dispensing products. Standard or special spouts can be made to order to ensure quick, no-spill filling or discharge of contents. The application list and usage is endless.

  General Bag Specifications (Sizes and Uses)

(in cubic feet)
 Empty Size
(width x depth x height)
Filled Diameter
5 to 20 9″ x 29″ to 31″ x 31″
x appropriate height
38″ For higher bulk density products
or smaller weight requirements.
21 to 75 35″ x 35″ to 37″ x 37″
x appropriate height
46″ Most common sizes for all products.
Used in truck shipments and export containers.
76 and up 41″ x 41″ to 43″ x 43″
x appropriate height
53″ For smaller bulk density products or
where height restrictions occur.
Used for rail shipments.

Multi-Trip: Bulk Bags can be made as “Standard Duty Reusable” , Multi-Trip FIBC with a 6:1 Safety factor.

Food Grade: Bulk Bags can be manufactured as “Food Grade”. All the materials used in the manufacturing of “Food Grade FIBC’s are approved by the sanitary authorities

UN Certified FIBC: The United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods – established in the Orange book is divided into six categories and a number of UN tests must be made.

Conductive FIBC’s: In order to avoid accidents caused by any type of electrostatic discharges.

Type of Bulk Bags, its Antistatic Properties:
Type A:
Has no special static protection, should not be used where a flammable atmosphere is used.
Type B: Is made from insulating fabric, has a voltage range of less than 6 KV. Can be used if MIE of flammable atmosphere is above 25 meters.
Type C: Is made from fabrics that have inter-connected static dissipative or conductive threads (groundable).
Type D: Is constructed from fabrics with static dissipative properties or threads to control fire-starting of discharges regardless of weather electrically grounded or ungrounded.
UN Certified Bulk Bags: UN Certified Bulk Bags have a 6:1 Safe Working Load, the Standard Safe Working Load is 5:1

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