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| May 10, 2016

Curl is generally caused by incorrect moisture content or varied moisture in the substrate or coated material.

Near-Infrared Organic Composition Analyzers

Kett Near-Infrared Light SourceA Near-Infrared Light Source is reflected off of the liquid or solid sample. The light resonates with the appropriate molecule(s) and a portion of the light is absorbed. The higher the measured component, the higher the amount of absorbed light. After calibration, the composition values can be instantly measured without sample preparation.  Multiple organic components are measured in single test.

Calibrations and calibration points are stored within the analyzers, providing tremendous versatility for the diversified manufacturer. Moisture, protein, fat, cellulose and other organic compounds can be measured.


  • Instant Measurement – both online, handheld and desktop instruments
  • Non-Contact – handheld and online models – no contamination
  • Non-Destructive – all models – samples can be used for additional assays
  • Moisture Content, Fat Content, Protein Content, Ash Content, Others
  • Coatweight Measurement and Film Thickness Measurement
  • Liquids and Solids may both be  Measured

Instant Non-Contact Process Measurement This simple-to-use device allows the user to measure the various chemical components of virtually any liquid or solid,  without product preparation or degradation.  Using the principle of near-infrared reflectance, constituents such as moisture, fat/oil, protein, film thickness, coat weight, and carbon content (BTU) can be instantly measured.

Kett Composition Meters are ideal for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, pulp/paper products, polymers and most products containing organic substances. Test results are as accurate as the precision of the lab method initially used to calibrate the KJT270.  Tests can be conducted by personnel of any skill level and can be used both at-line and in the laboratory.

The ability to test in almost any situation opens new doors to product and process improvement.  R&D personnel can easily analyze formulations throughout development, not just in laboratory settings.  Manufacturing personnel can measure products on the production line, improving quality assessment and production throughput.

Simple Operation Once calibrated, a liquid or solid sample is placed in the KJT270 sample dish.  The system recognizes that a sample is in place and conducts an automatic six-second test. Light is reflected off of the sample and the amount of light absorbed at discrete wavelengths is measured. These absorbance readings are converted into component values.   The average value measured during the test is shown on the integrated display and automatically forwarded to a PC and/or printer for test documentation. Up to 50 product calibrations can be stored in each system, allowing numerous products to be easily measured on a single analyzer.  An unlimited number of product calibrations can be downloaded from a PC.

Designed for Years of Stable Use Integrated temperature compensation, sealed membrane keypad, cooling fans and recessed wells to remove spills from measurement surfaces all combine to provide years of service from the KJT270.  To maintain calibration over the life of the instrument,  the integrated “zero plate” automatically returns the KJT270 to baseline measurement before each test.    Kett stands behind the KJT270 systems with a full One-Year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor.  Kett’s dependability and reliability allow you to productively focus on improving your product’s quality and not waste time calibrating and verifying our gauges.

Full Complement Offering a complete line of NIR testing systems, Kett manufactures process analyzers for automated online measurement as well as the world’s first and only handheld portable analyzer.  If you need to measure product composition, wish to place an order, or require additional guidance on model selection, please call Kett toll-free!

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