Depanner Cups

| March 17, 2016

William B Rudow Depanner CupsThe highest quality silicone rubber is precision molded into a variety of flexible, extremely durable Rudow Depanner Cups. All of our Depanner Cups are rated for temperatures ranging from -60° F to +400° F (-51° C to +204° C) and are made of FDA approved silicone rubber. Rudow Depanner Cups are available in metaldetectable silicone rubber, as well.

Part No.: Description
117A: Flat top, metal detectable
117B: Flat top, metal detectable – soft
118A: Taper top, metal detectable
118B: Taper top, metal detectable – soft
118C: Taper top, Hi-Temperature
119B: Taper top, metal detectable – soft
120B: Taper top, metal detectable – soft
120C: Taper top, Hi-Temperature
121B: Taper top, metal detectable w/ rings
121C: Taper top, Hi-Temperature w/ rings

Rudow Depanner cups are made with the highest quality silicone and can be made metal detectable.

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