“Door Buster” – Multi-Purpose Boxcar Opener

| June 22, 2015


Your safety concerns and productivity requirements are extremely important to The Arnold Company. The Door Demon® line of boxcar openers meets or exceeds OSHA standards as it provides for safe opening of rail cars with plug doors or sliding doors.

The gear mechanism on many plug doors can cause the door handle to spin uncontrollably which can result in employee injury. Loads often shift during transport; shifted loads that are resting against the door can cause the door to jump outwards when released. The “Door Buster” is designed to open plug doors without the danger of physical stress to the operator by allowing the employee to open the door safely away from any stored energy of the handle or door and away from any unexpected cargo falling out of the rail car when the door is opened.

The winch feature of the “Door Buster” uses two 9500 pound winches to make pulling open and closed even the toughest of boxcar doors easy and safe. We use a synthetic rope that will “lay down” if cut instead of the whipping effect of a cable or chain.

The Arnold Company’s complete line of boxcar openers provides a method to open and close your boxcar plug doors and sliding boxcar doors safely 100% of the time!


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