eacy feed – Efficient and Intelligent Feeding

| January 6, 2017

Efficient and intelligent feeding with eacy feed, the new generation vibratory bowl feeder.

  • approximately 80 % energy savings
  • efficiency and worldwide application
  • one design for all markets
  • smart factory/Industry 4.0-capable
  • top system reliability
  • for manual applications
  • for stationary applications

e for efficiency

eacy feed – new generation vibratory bowl feeder with approx. 80 % reduction in power consumption due to efficient “low energy technology”! Sustainable design!

a for assembly

eacy feed – new generation vibratory bowl feeder with ergonomic handling by means of an optimised module. User-friendly operation!

c for communication

eacy feed – new generation vibratory bowl feeder with intelligent communication capabilities for application in a smart factory/ Industry 4.0 environment. Intelligent automation!

y for yield

eacy feed – new generation vibratory bowl feeder with optimised, technical efficiency due to robust design and tried and tested modular components. Reliable assembly!

DEPRAG combines over 40 years of experience in the fields of feeding technology with sophisticated cutting-edge technology and is proud to present: eacy feed, the vibratory bowl feeder for the next generation.

The innovative feeder eacy feed provides ideal specifi cations for the sustainable production of tomorrow: With its approx. 80 % power saving accomplishment the eacy feed is extremely energy efficient. In addition, the smart eacy feed is particularly suitable for the challenges of smart factory/ Industry 4.0.

Approx. 80 % energy savings

  • the revolutionary controller and the new drive allow for the extraordinary energy efficiency of eacy feed
  • a significant reduction in power consumption is attained due to the 24 V oscillating magnets, thereby realising energy savings of around 80 %

Smart technology

  • the revolutionary controller enables remote control and communication
  • the eacy feed can be accessed from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP
  • all settings can be displayed and adjusted at any time
  • eacy feed is particularly suitable for smart factory/ Industry 4.0-systems

We have developed an innovative feeder in eacy feed which is distinguished by its energy efficiency and countless application possibilities. The 24 V technology of the drive enables worldwide application.

All you need is a universal power supply. Country specifi c variations are a thing of the past. Thanks to the 24 V technology, eacy feed ensures reliable running even in areas with poor network availability.

Low consumption and top flexibility

  • revolutionary controller enables around 80 % less power consumption
  • new controller and vibratory drive based on 24 V/DC voltage
  • universal power unit (115 V – 230 V)
  • independent from the local alternating current frequency
  • one design for all markets

Perfect vibration intensity

For monitoring and regulation of the vibration intensity an acceleration sensor is mounted on the vibratory drive.

  • ensures stable output, independent from fill-level
  • no need for readjustments
  • supports ideal vibration behaviour and minimises material wear
  • simplified reloading procedure
  • accommodates all bowl sizes

For all applications

  • eacy feed is available in three volumes: 0.15 l, 0.75 l and 2.5 l – as well as single or double spiral bowls
  • eacy feed can be used to feed diverse components: screws, nuts, threaded pins, o-rings, parts for cleanrooms and many more
  • alterations of standard devices to your specific installation conditions enabling customized integration in individual assembly systems

Smart factory/Industry 4.0 can be found in all branches of industrial production. Intelligent, integrated smart components are in demand throughout the entire value chain. With the development of the innovative controller PFCi100 we are realising smart factory/Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. PFCi100 enables remote control, documentation and interaction with eacy feed, enabling the device to be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.

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