MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser

| November 17, 2016

cynmarc-man-plowSo easy, it’s almost fun! The MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser is a pole design alternative to apply stretch wrap.  Lighter, quicker and less physically demanding to use then a parallel handle dispenser, MANPLOW dispensers allow the user to apply wrap in a natural, upright manner; reducing fatigue and injuries.

The SWD3000 Elite is the industries performance leader.  The 60 inch handle eliminates all bending when wrapping the bottom of your pallet and reaching when you wrap the top of tall pallets.  Without bending and reaching, more energy is committed to a tighter wrap; top to bottom.  Cinch the top of your freight without ever reaching above your head!  This model also eliminates the risk involved with securing freight to the pallet with the Over – Under method of wrapping elevated pallets and features an extra wide bottom roll holder to prevent damage to wrap material and ensure undisrupted application.  Designed for 12″, 15″, 16″, 17″ and 18″ material with a 3″ core.  Ideal for medium to high volume.

MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispensers use a combination of hole-sets and compression to acheive the optimal tension you need.  Tension can be adjusted in seconds.  Thi si s not an over-thought, over-complicated product that is a burden to work with.  It is ruggedly simple; easy to assemble, easy to use, easy to change rolls and all tasks can be completed quickly.  You can expect better performance and more consistent results with a MANPLOW Stretch Wrap Dispenser!

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