Nestable Plastic Pallets

| January 17, 2017

Keep Your Products Out of Harm’s Way With Nestable Pallets

Protecting your products in a warehouse or cargo area of a truck can be difficult. There are all sorts of hazards that threaten their well-being, from insect infestations to jostling to sudden stops that send materials flying. It’s important to keep your goods safe from harm, whether you’re in the pet food, beverage or pharmaceutical business. Ensure your pallets stay secure with our nestable plastic distribution pallets.

We offer two different types of pallets:

  • 4048 Export Closed Deck Plastic Pallet: Ideal for one-way trips, for use in warehouses and with distribution.
  • PSI Distribution Pallet: This is best for a closed-loop system that uses unsupported racking, such as for general industry or grocery

We manufacture these plastic export pallets from 100 percent recycled post-industrial materials. The heavy-duty version is 25 pounds, while the light-duty version is 15 pounds. They offer great convenience both in usage and in avoiding red tape hassles. The pallets don’t need to be treated or certified, and the plastic pallets also meet international shipping standards.

The Details on Our Nestable Pallets

We offer our pallets in the standard 48- by 40-inch size, but if that doesn’t work for your needs, we can also make a custom-size version. Each one of our nestable distribution pallets has nine feet, with a full-nest design. They’re economical for shipping and are made of high-quality but low-cost materials that resist bug infestations and also stand up to mold and mildew, which can attack wooden pallets.

This helps to keep your products in good condition. We know your customers rely on you to provide high-quality goods, and our nesting pallets assist in that mission. You can even have your logo molded into our pallets to give them a professional look and discourage anyone else from walking off with them. Other optional additions to our plastic export pallets include snap-on bottom runners.

Get Sustainable Storage and Transportation Options From PSI

Polymer Solutions International, Inc., supplies customers around the world with storage solutions. Whether you need to ship cargo across the country or keep it in a warehouse for months at a time, our many options for stacking water bottles and pallets can help make your job easier. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been serving companies across different industries with their material handling needs.

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to sustainability. We use recycled materials in our plastic products. We also pledge to make your experience with us as environmentally friendly as possible. We employ reusable shipping materials. When you no longer have a use for one of our products, we’ll help repurpose or recycle it, cutting down on landfill waste. We believe it’s our collective responsibility to embrace green practices so our planet can continue to thrive.

Contact PSI to discuss your material handling needs. Our team can help you figure out the best options for transporting or storing your products, whether you need nestable pallets or vertical stacking trays for water bottles.

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