QComp’s New Solo Case Packer

| April 27, 2015

qcomptech0415QComp’s New solo case packer design implements quick changeover features for each variable within the system. The system is modular, portable, and pre-engineered offering the best value possible. QComp offers a complete turnkey solution to reduce production costs and increase your bottom line. The simple changeover system focuses on using automated or quick change parts to reduce manual efforts required for operators to make adjustments for different size products. Even the end-of-arm tooling is designed for quick effortless alterations.
Pre-engineered solution for fast ROI.
Economical way to automate manual packing.
4’ x 9’ footprint: Save floor space compared to other hard automated units.

  • Push button changeover.
  • Integrated feed conveyors.
  • Up to 30 layer picks per minute.
  • Pick up to 45 lbs per pick.
  • Rockwell Compactlogix PLC standard.
  • Panelview Plus 1000 for HMI interface.
  • Consistent. Provides inspection and data collection.
  • Common mounting frame for easy installation.
  • Frame is mild steel powder coated standard or stainless steel wash down available.
  • Adjustable guide rails adaptable for different size products.


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