SL600 High-Speed Slicing System

| November 17, 2016

A (R)evolution of High-Speed Slicing Technology.

The VC999 SL600


The daily demands of business constantly push for higher efficiency, higher quality, & lower costs. Now common features for industrial processing and packaging systems include high-cleanability and washdown, secured internet connectivity for efficient HMI (human-machine interface) for up/downtime reporting and production reporting… Missing from other slicers are some advantages at which the VC999 Slicing Systems Excel.

(R)evolutionize Your Production with Nine Highly-Effective Advantages:

1. Warmer Slicing Temperatures – NO crust freezing required!

  • Lower energy costs
  • Less handling/work
  • Products remain the perfect consistency & taste
  • Faster product throughput

2. Wider Temperature Window

  • With other slicers, assuring the exact product temperature is a constant hassle
  • The SL600 operates effortlessly at a wide temperature window, allowing the product to come first
  • Easier Production, No Challenges, Better Taste, and a (R)evolutionary Approach – Simply Better Slicing

3. Precision Product Alignment from Slicing to Packaging

  • Competition: Products are loaded from the side and sliced pushing them against a lateral guide, causing off-centered and ultimately uneven slices
  • VC999: Products are automatically loaded from the rear and sliced in a centered position – independent of their diameter or shape

4. PUSH & DRAG Cutting – a Unique Solution

  • The blade enters smoothly from the center using always the same ratio of downward and lateral force – Push & Drag
  • The constant push-and-drag due to the unique blade geometry assures a smooth and consistent slice quality, Every Time
  • Slice difficult products with less waste, less broken slices, and Increased Yields

5. 500 Millimeter-Wide Slicing Throat!

  • 800 rpm blade speed for a smooth line speed and a high output
  • Slice Examples:
    4 HAMS 100x150mm
    2 Bacon 220 x 45mm
    4 Cheese bars 150 x 100mm

6. Product Change-Overs in Less Than 3 Minutes with No Tools.

  • Less down time
  • Unparalleled production flexibility
  • No tools required for change over

7. Cat Claw Gripper Design for an Easy 15% Higher Yield

  • Patented gripper mechanism
    • Quicker change over
    • No pneumatic connections
  • On clipped products – get up to 2 additional slices per log

8. Off-The-Shelf Parts Policy

  • NO surprises, just fair pricing: buy your own parts of the shelf.
  • You have a choice where to buy.
  • Lower operational costs.

9. Blade Design – Twice as Nice, Several Times Over…

  • Twice the standing time due to efficient blade geometry
  • Blade Edge holds sharpness Twice as Long
  • Double the blade lifetime – 10mm Grinding Range, not 5mm like the other guys.

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