Sonic SMART Tunnel™ Air Knife Enclosure

| April 1, 2016

The Sonic SMART Tunnel™ can abe added to any Sonic air knife system where water containment and noise reduction are as important as having dry cans and bottles.

  • Sonic Air smart_tunnel2 smallModular stainless steel construction with 24″, 48″, 72″ and 96″ lengths
  • Air Knife noise reduction of 7-10 dbA
  • Sealed drip tray for water containment
  • Each 24″ section weighs only 110 lbs
  • No conveyor drilling or modification except cutting rails for side drying
  • Air knives attach to tunnel not conveyor
  • 48” and 24” long Modules Bolt in Series for Any Length of Drying System
  • Quick Removable Access Panels with Polycarbonate Viewing Windows
  • Access Panels Conveniently Hang on Drip Tray during Temporary Removal
  • Self Supporting – No Bolting to Conveyor Required
  • Centering Screws Clamp to Conveyor
  • Polypropylene Tunnel Entrance and Exit Inserts are Interchangeable and Cut to Application
  • Swivel Leveling Feet Adjust for Uneven Surfaces and can be Attached to Floor
  • Not Certified 3A Compliant for Cleanability (Call Sonic)


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