Stainless Steel ConveyMaster Conveyor

| December 20, 2016

The Stainless Steel ConveyMaster Conveyor is USDA approved and designed for meat, poultry, seafood and produce applications.

PackRite conveyors are designed to move bags in conjunction with weighing, filling, sealing, packing and other related production operations. D. C. Variable speed provides versatile control over productivity, with a maximum speed of 750 i.p.m. on the highest speed range.

Feed directions of either left to right or right to left are offered to match existing production flow. Belt height from floor is a standard 30″ with optional heights available. Because the conveyors are sectionalized they can be provided in length from 8′ to 40′ to meet plant installation requirements.

The conveyors all-metal construction ensures sturdy support for long-lasting service. Design quality and simplicity help keep maintenance requirements to a minimum.

All of our conveyors have neoprene food-grade, water resistant belting that will carry light to heavy loads without slipping. Belt tension is easily adjusted by turning two screws.

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