The BASELINE P 600 – High quality packaging for a low price

| April 30, 2015

Successful and high quality vacuum packaging with the BASELINE P 600 double chamber machine because it is a genuine MULTIVAC. This means a long lifespan; high level of reliability and the best service are guaranteed.


Even inexperienced personnel are able to pack reliably and efficiently with the BASELINE P600 double chamber machine. Therefore the P 600 is the ideal vacuum packing solution for butchers’ shops, restaurants, hotels, cheese dairies, direct marketing companies and farm shops. It can also be used for a wide range of consumer and industrial products.

The BASELINE P 600 is a double chamber machine with a usable volume of 23.5” length x 19.5” width x 6” high. The pump is capable of producing 60 m³/h. This machine is also available with an optional gas flushing system.

The height of the chamber lid influences the chamber volume and thereby the evacuation duration and the consumption of inert gas. The BASELINE double chamber machine is accordingly available with various lid heights, and you can choose the ideal lid height for your range of products.

For the efficient packaging of smaller packaged goods, the P 600 is available in an optional second sealing bar configuration.

It is our claim that MULTIVAC packaging solutions meet the highest quality requirements. Our proven sealing systems ensure that film pouches are sealed with a permanent seal, and they contribute to achieving maximum pack security.

The intuitive BASELINE machine control MCB 01 makes packaging easy even for inexperienced personnel. The times for evacuation, gas flushing and sealing are entered on the clearly arranged membrane keyboard and can be read on the backlit LCD display. They can be stored in one of the three program memories at the touch of a button. The evacuation and gas flushing processes can be stopped at any time with the quick-stop button; the pack is then immediately sealed. During the entire packaging procedure, the vacuum gauge accurately displays the actual pressure in the chamber.

With the MC 06 machine control, the pressure in the chamber is measured directly using a precise vacuum sensor and taken into account in the process sequence. This means that, irrespective of the size and nature of the packaged goods, the values set in the machine control for vacuum and gas flushing are reliably achieved. In addition to a consistently high packaging quality, the user’s work is simplified and the rate of packaging is accelerated. All the process stages are clearly shown on the LCD display. In the recipe memory, 29 different programs for a variety of products can be stored and called up at the touch of a button. In addition, the MC 06 has over 18 operating languages to which it can be set. An automatic program permits even inexperienced operators to achieve perfect packaging results: when an ideal vacuum is achieved, the evacuation process is automatically terminated and the next step in the process started.

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