Wide Format Racks Hold 60″ Rolls

| May 12, 2016

Ferrell Wide Format RacksFerrell Manufacturing Co. builds rugged, dependable shop trucks for the printing industry. Our trucks are specifically designed to perform in the demanding conditions of print shops, stock rooms and binderies.

Need to move heavy loads of paper or finished jobs across uneven shop floors? A Ferrell Truck will let you do the job easily and safely!

How Can A FERRELL TRUCK Benefit You?

  • SAVE TIME:  Ferrell Trucks provide easy one step transfer to press, folder, cutter, collator, bindery or finishing department.
  • SAVES SPACE: Ferrell Trucks create more open space by eliminating the need for tables, pallets & boxes.
  • Ferrell Trucks may also reduce the possibility of back injuries that can be caused by stooping, lifting and carrying.
  • Bottom Line – This means increased production as well as saving you MONEY!!!!

Ferrell logoFerrell Manufacturing Company
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